V4 Advisors DMCC have world class experience in the field of GHG emission and climate change. Our team has implemented projects with intergovernmental organizations in the Middle East and North Africa related to:

•  Carbon Management Strategies
•  Greenhouse Gas emission inventory, MRV and trading
•  Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)
•  Policy development to achieving low carbon economies
•  Carbon balancing and neutrality
•  Development of Designated National Authorities

V4 Advisors’ services are designed to support the private and the public sectors define and implement climate change related policies and projects. Our approach to business is to ensure the financial, environmental, social and sustainable development viability of any strategy, policy or project we develop.


The basic concept of climate change along with the policies that are shaping the business opportunities in this industry are relatively unexploited in the Middle East region. V4 Advisors’ focused workshops are designed to deliver these topics in a simple and interactive manner that yields results.

Our experienced team will tailor workshops to the need of our clients and as importantly share the successful business models that have been implemented worldwide. Our aim is not to conduct workshops, but rather share concepts and experience that will enlighten and produce results.