V4 Advisors DMCC have world class experience in the field of GHG emission and climate change. Our team has implemented projects with intergovernmental organizations in the Middle East and North Africa related to: 

  • Carbon Management Strategies
  • Greenhouse Gas emission inventory, MRV and trading
  • Policy development to achieving low carbon economies
  • Carbon balancing and neutrality
  • Development of Designated National Authorities 
  • Setting reduction targets using the most updated tools

V4 Advisors’ services are designed to support the private and the public sectors define and implement climate change related policies and projects. Our approach to business is to ensure the financial, environmental, social and sustainable development viability of any strategy, policy or project we develop. 

V4 Advisors online certified tool with the “Built on GHG Protocol” Mark developed to assist companies reporting on their corporate GHG emissions. This tool is tailored to the needs of the corporate, using available local emission factors. It allows corporate to accurately report their monthly GHG emissions from all its premises existing in one or in different countries / regions. This is a paid service.

Corporate GHG Calculator?

V4 Advisors online tool developed to assist students and individuals reporting on their GHG emissions from their households over a period of time.  This tool is designed for competitions among students, or district competitions to promote individual initiatives and engage different communities in combating climate change.  It is a paid service.

The "Individual Carbon Footprint" is based on the Corporate GHG methodologies, while accounting for the total area of the house as well as the number of people living inside the house. 


Consultancy Services

Consultancy services covering many environmental services from air pollution (ambient and/or indoor), compliance with local environmental regulations, to on developing a complete Carbon Management Strategy for corporate aligned with newest standards and initiatives (SBTi , Net Zero Standard…).
Our experienced team will provide you with best services, while always improving the corporate team capacities.

Workshops Services

Workshops services designed to create awareness for corporate and communities on climate change risks and opportunities. Our simple focused and dynamic workshops are designed to deliver the basic concept of climate change along with the policies that are shaping the business opportunities in this industry. 

Our experienced team will tailor workshops to the need of our clients and as importantly share the successful business models that have been implemented worldwide. Our aim is not to conduct workshops, but rather share concepts and experience that will enlighten and produce results.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Environmental monitoring services designed to assist corporate reporting on their environmental impacts and / or comply with requirements from their EIA and ESIA as well different standards and local requirements.